movimiento transformacional piedras sentido

Conscious Movements

EVERYTHING BEHAVES. According to the laws of physics, every element in nature has a behavior that can be studied, analyzed and predicted. Thus, an inanimate element, such as a rock, will have a behavior that will depend on the conditions of the forces to which it is subjected.

Behaviors in humans can also be observable, but the results are the consequence of a mix of automatic behaviors and conscious actions.

The complexity of the human brain can select certain routine to make automatic activities without much attention. Have you ever left your house and after a few steps you could not remember if you locked the door? When we act on automatic, our consciousness does not register movement in the memory and these behaviors may only be observable by an external observer.

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universo huichol movimiento transformacional

Clash of two worlds: Indigenous wisdom and coaching

We have created a world in which separating, analyzing and reorganizing nature is the common sense. Let’s begin there in this conversation. Nature, potent force that we pretend to ignore, is everywhere we turn our head, very subtle and others extremely loud and strong.

Our mind was separated more than fourhanded years ago, in which the universe and nature had been reduced to raw material to dispose and become disposal. We abandoned the universe to get deeper and deeper into our own rational world. My invitation is to begin to defy that world that we create everyday, a world that we no longer see or notice, a world in which life is not recognized, where hearts only beat on Valentines Day, where trees can’t teach us anything and the ocean is a lot of salty water waiting to be conquered.

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